Teacher Paul Oluoch
Age 10 - 18 y/o
Class size 10
Duration 45 min
Category High School
$ 30 Per Hour

Robotics and Internet Of Things

Ah, robots. One of the most iconic and exciting electronics applications. In this project, you will learn all about DC motors and motor drivers by building your own robot! You’ll first learn motor control basics. Then you’ll control a tethered robot by sending it commands over serial. Last, you will unleash your robot by removing the tether and making it autonomous! By adding a distance sensor, the robot can learn how to avoid obstacles


An easy to understand introduction to Robotics and Internet of things geared towards students of all ages. Taugh by the best teachers in the country, students are guaranteed to ace their exams and develop an interest in Robotics and Internet of Things based careers.

Class Structure

Topics covered Include:

  • 1. Driving, Control and Navigation

  • 1. Obstacle avoidance, infrared

  • 1. Circuitry, wiring

Pre-University Web and App Development
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript

Internet of Things
Digital Marketing
Entry Requirements

Suitable for any students ages 6 to 18.