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Do you have a proper education you have a proper education ?

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Teaching Approach

Our provision is informed by educational research into effective teaching practices, cognition and how knowledge and understanding develops. These act as a guide for the consistency and distinctiveness of our curriculum

Learning competence

Unconscious Competence. Connecting new knowledge with existing knowledge so they have fluency and can unconsciously apply their knowledge as skills.


Teachers assess learning and provide timely feedback, reshape learning and adapt teaching as needed

Classroom culture

The classroom climate and culture is calm, expects all to excel and enables the learning value


Developing strong partnership with parents and carers that influence good attitudes to learning at home and school.

Our Teaching Intentions

  • Purpose of the learning is made explicit. We are learning X. It is important to know this because Y and it will help us to Z.
  • Direct instruction. I do / We do / You do.
  • Guided practice – modelling and exposition.
  • “Room at the top” lessons pitched high.
  • Desirable Difficulty – 80 % success rate.
  • Spaced learning to combat the forgetting curve.
  • Masterclass to scaffold.
  • Continuous formative assessment to improve not prove.
  • At the start of each lesson quizzing also known as retrieval practise.
  • Pupils knowing more and remembering more