Personalised Instruction

At Caplora, we make our online home tuition classes personal. By monitoring a student's response to our interactive teaching content on screen, we conduct our classes with differentiated instruction.

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Multi-Sensory Learning

In a typical classroom there is a proportion of students who “just don’t get it.”We are specialist in helping students overcoming maths and sciences challenges .

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Real world Connection

Far too often, schools don't capture students' imagination and help them connect what they do in the classroom with the world around them, We conduct experiments,simulation and apprenticeship to expose student in STEM world

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Welcome to
Caplora Academy

Caplora is a leading Science ,Mathematics,Technology and Engineering online tutoring academy for primary and highschools in Kenya , parents no longer have to choose between tiring commutes to classes and settling for what’s best in the neighbourhood. We make top tutoring programmes accessible from the comfort of home, conducted by top educators in the field, while keeping it affordable. Parents can also be kept fully abreast of their child’s learning by sitting in during lessons. We offer both Kenya and British Curriculum

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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum supports students preparing for KCPE,KCSE AND IGSE
We are able to diagonise students academic struggle and put them back to success track


Our students have consistently score 70% + in school math and perform better than their peers in competitive exams.

Primary Science

Our aims is to nurture the spirit of scientific inquiry. Students undergo intensive practice in pictorial, tabular and graphical analysis, and experiment-based and application questions.


Scoring well in Biology will allows students to venture into fields like Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Biomedical Sciences, Research, etc. We gives one a deeper understanding of the human body and its processes, such as digestion, respiration, ecology, genetics all in depth.


Chemistry has bagged a bad reputation for being one of the complicated and boring subjects.Yet It is in the medicines, clothes you wear, the food you eat, or the water you drink.We are making the subject easy by using virtual labs and simulation to deepen understanding.


Over years the subject physics has been taught by lecturing method combined with videos of laboratory exercises. Physics lessons are better grasped when taught with experiments and probing on the outcome.

Robotics,Websites and Apps

We have years of experience of helping students kickstart their career in IT.Our curriculum prepares students in Internet of things,robotics and software development.

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