Parents Referral Program

        We Appreciate Your Trust

When you refer precious children to us, we just want to strive more to surpass even your best of expectations!

How Our Referral Program Works

1.For referring a friend to the Caplora School   both you and your friend will receive ksh 5,000 savings on school fees.

2.Conditions Apply: To be eligible, you must be a parent with a child or be a student or teacher attending Caplora Stem International School. 

3.Simple Process: Complete the form below by clicking on the form 


Terms & Conditions: 

1.Eligibility: The referrer must be a parent with a child or children attending Caplora Stem International School. 

2.Submission: Referrals must be submitted before the registration and admission of the referred child. 

3.Reward Basis: The referee and the referrer both get a bonus .

4.Admission Criteria: Referral admissions are subject to the school’s assessment policies and procedures. 

5.Reward Details: The referral reward is Ksh 5000 per student  credited against your child’s annual tuition fees or can be a cash back . 

6.Payment Schedule: Referral rewards are paid: 

  • Per Successful Enrollment 
  • Once term tuition fees are settled 
  • After the student has attended school for at least 4 weeks of the term ·Applicable only for the first academic year of the referred child’s enrollment. 

7.Participation: Parents of newly admitted students are eligible for the Refer Programme. 

8.Changes: Caplora Stem International School reserves the right to withdraw or modify the terms of the ‘Refer Programme’ at any time. 

Embrace this opportunity to bring more brilliance into our community while securing discounts for your child’s education at Caplora Stem International School!


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