Caplora has a dedicated University and Guidance Counseling department that assists students with their career guidance and university applications.

Our counsellors help learners to recognize and build their strengths, interests and skills to thrive and excel in school and beyond.

Learners are guided with individualized college plans through the use of BridgeU, a university and career guidance platform and other resources aimed at connecting students with programs they are passionate about and universities that are best fit for them.

Our goal is to ensure our students are future-ready when they graduate.

University and Guidance Counseling department assist students in college search and application process with

Early college awareness through small group sessions and individual meetings with students from Year 9 onwards Career exploration based on their interests and career talks across a gamut of fields by professionals,

Encouraging students to explore and experience beyond the school setting through summer programs, internships and volunteering activities Working in partnership with students and parents alike in making university choices, locally and abroad.

Conducting workshops to help with college essays and manage applications via UCAS, Common App and other Admission Platforms Providing students with a timeline to work towards their applications and enabling them with opportunities to build their profile based on their interests and goals Guiding students with various university admissions tests such as PSAT, SAT, ACT, IELTS and TOEFL.

Arranging university visits by representatives from around the globe to educate the students and parents about courses, programs, campuses and admissions requirements.

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