Fees Structure

International schools in nairobi fees structure

International School Fees Structure 2023-2024

Are you looking for information on International School Fees Structure and the cost of home schooling in Nairobi, Kenya?

The table below shows our fees structure at Caplora International School.

LevelYearsCost per Term
PreparatoryYear 1-3Ksh. 54,000
 Year 4-6Ksh. 60, 000
Junior High SchoolYear 7-9Ksh. 66, 000
 Year 10-11Ksh. 85, 000
A LEVELYear 12-13Ksh.120,000

Other Fees

Admission Fees: Ksh. 3, 500 (One off)

External Exam Fees: Ksh. 6, 500/year 

Science Lab Fees(Year 7 and above): Ksh. 8, 000 (Second and third term)

Tution fees covers, tution, digital books and online clubs.


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