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Embark on British   structured homeschooling program  with our balanced and holistic curriculum, inspired by the best world-class education practices. 

Your child deserves every opportunity to succeed—in the classroom and in their life ahead. At Caplora®, our K–12 online school expands the ways your child can learn. All while igniting their passions and helping them gain the life skills they need to thrive in the modern world. Adaptability. Versatility. Open-mindedness. And a love of the opportunities that change brings.


We offer  a blended learning approach ,our students attends academic classes virtual and meet physically during school trips ,family fun day  or holidays camp.

We are a different kind of Online School

We provide a very unique learning journey. Whether conducting science experiments in your kitchen or in the Virtual Lab; coding web page or robot; designing and creating handicraft project and student launching their own business while still at school, we make sure that your child will not only succeed in education but also in life.

Afternoons the Common Room is open to the whole school. Many extra-curricular activities take place including invited guest speakers; rehearsals and public performances; parties; demonstrations; competitions; games; hobbies; careers advice and much more.

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Caplora Education Group has partnered with International University of Applied Science,Germany to offer degrees in business,hospitality,healthcare ,engineering and IT
After graduation our students are eligible to apply for 18 month post work-study Germany visa All our student who have studied with us atleast two years are eligible to apply for partial scholarships.

Office Location: Lafontana school

Ole Dume Road, Nairobi, Kenya


Our Partners

NextGen Sports Academy

Soccer Swimming Basketball Tennis Rugby Athletic

GL assessment

Improving student outcomes through better external assessment


Our students sits for Cambridge IGCSE and A level exams


LifeSkills, created with Barclays, helps young people get the skills and experiences they need to enter the world of work.

Caplora International College

Caplora College offers our students German accredited University and Masters degree programs

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