Academic Support

At Caplora School, we are committed to offering the very best school experience for all of our students We are proud to offer a variety of learning support options, including one-to-one tuition and academic support groups, to help students achieve success in their learning.

Classes by referral

While your child is enrolled in the school, their teachers and the school leadership team are monitoring their progress and are continually identifying opportunities where we can further support your child’s learning.

We aim to provide Quality First Teaching in the classroom to meet the needs of every child, but when a pupil might need some extra support our teachers will use their judgement to refer pupils for our

support lessons

As part of our learning intervention programme, we may refer pupils to the following classes:

Reading and Writing Support

In these lessons, pupils will be supported in developing their reading and writing skills We would recommend this course to students who have missed key areas of learning in their early years, or who require extra support in English Curriculum.

This class is available via teacher referral only.

Numeracy Support

Numeracy support classes are the first step in our intervention pathways to support pupils who require additional time and guidance to strengthen numeracy skills. These classes are taught by our qualified subject specialist teachers. Pupils can be referred to this class by their English or Maths teachers.

This class is available via teacher referral only.


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