Home-Schooling: The Golden Age of Education .

The events of the last three years have resulted in many businesses opting for an online presence. This has led to the popularity of online school or home-schooling. Home-schooling has a bottomless list of advantages and with Caplora you will reap all the benefits.

Academic Benefits of Home-Schooling .

Less time wastage: Since your child will not be in school physically, they will have more time to study. In physical school a lot of time is wasted e.g., lunch breaks which are often prolonged by the students’ reluctance to return to class. The flexibility of Caplora’s timetable system allows students to achieve peak levels of productivity without suffering any burnout, the breaks span from 30 min to 1 hr 30 min with lessons ending at 2pm. Since your child will not have to worry about catching the bus home or traffic, they will have ample time to properly review the day’s lessons, an opportunity that is unheard of in physical schools.

Efficient and effective learning: Caplora has a small class size and with a low student-teacher ratio, little time is wasted during the day standing in lines or waiting for others to finish. Students in Caplora do not have to feel shy or anxious about asking questions and since the class size is small the teacher can easily tend to all the students without leaving anyone behind. Students are also able to choose which method of note taking works best for them; whether they want to write notes digitally or on their books, whether they want to use the active recall method or mind maps. Finding a personal note taking style is an effective method to increase memory retention

How Home-Schooling Affects Life Skills.

Responsibility: The repercussions for missing a lesson or failing to complete homework are less severe in online school compared to physical school. This Instils a sense of responsibility; students attend class because they know the importance of their lessons not because they fear punishment. 

Less Peer Dependence: Being in Caplora limits the exposure to drugs, alcohol and bullying, this makes things like peer pressure a non-issue. Students are able to think and make decisions for themselves without worrying about the reactions from their friends.

Time Management: Since home school students have a lot of free time, they prepare for university time early. Home school students get used to having time to develop other talents early, making it easier for them to navigate university where they will have a lot of time to themselves. Attending physical school may mean the children do not have time to do anything else besides school work. When they eventually have a lot of time to themselves in the future, it is likely they will not know what to do with themselves, and often spend their time doing unproductive things.

Boarder Networking: Home school students come from all over the world. Since all that is needed is internet connection, anyone from any corner of the world can sign up. This enables the students to be exposed hence giving them a broader network of people to interact with.

Economic Benefit Of Home Schooling.

Saves Money: Online learning institutions do not incur the overhead costs of running administration offices, purchase learning equipment and maintaining classrooms. Students taking online classes do not need to commute to class, pay for food at school, buy physical textbooks for reference in class, and there is no need to buy expensive uniforms either. For a physical international school, the amount of money used to maintain the physical facilities in the school and buy books and uniforms (for those that sell uniforms at their campuses) or to feed the school’s population are always charged in the fees, making it quite expensive.

These costs are not things a parent who has their child(ren) at an online school have to factor in their budget. At caplora, the parents only have to pay tuition and extra-curricular activities.

In conclusion, Caplora makes sure that the pros of home schooling outweigh the cons. We ensure that our prospective parents feel comfortable with our program before they enrol, and maintain the same level of standards long after they join the Caplora family. Our students have the best support system throughout their study period at the school and we also follow up on their progress even after they are done with their A-Levels.


ABSTRACT: Home schooling is an education option in which the parents can direct their children’s education, either by teaching their children on their own or making them join an online home-school, rather than putting them in a traditional school. There are a lot of misconceptions on home-schooling. And in this article, we will outline a couple.

Since the pandemic the growth of home-schooling has increased world-wide. Over 300 million children have been transferred to home schooling since then.

Parents have many reasons as to why they would home-school their children. The school environment is concerning for the parents as it exposes their children to dangerous situations such as being introduced to drugs unsafe people for example bullies and negative peer pressure. A parent may also be dissatisfied with how the school upholds academics, the school system and the syllabus coverage.

However common misconceptions discourage some parents from not only home-schooling their children but from even considering it.

Parents main problems with home schooling is the lack of social experiences, but some other concerns that parents have raised stem from the misconceptions.

Here are 6 common misconceptions parent should know about before completely writing off home-school:

  1. Home schoolers don’t go to college:

Most parents assume that colleges and universities do not accept home-schooled children. But this is completely wrong. Colleges are completely welcoming to home-schooled students. Not only do they attend college they also have higher graduation rates, research has shown that home-schooled students have higher graduation rates when compared to traditional-school students. When talking about fall-to-fall retention at college, home-schooled students had a retention rate of 88.6%, while traditional-school students obtained 87.6%. GPAs are also higher amongst home schoolers compared to Children that aren’t home-schooled

The flexibility of home-schooling also helps prepare students on how college works, since they will have a lot of free time at college.

  • Parents don’t have qualifications to teach their children:

Parents think that they will be home-schooling their children on their own, but this isn’t the case they have access to a variety of resources that can help them. They can consult other parents that have been and are home-schooling. So, they can get help from multiple sources and can never find themselves alone.

Alternatively, parents can always choose an online school like Caplora which is a fully operational online school with teachers and extra-curricular activities that take place both online and planed meetings outside. We have already outlined how to pick an online homeschool in our article

  • Home schoolers don’t have and can’t make friends:

These are common concerns parents have had when considering home-schooling as they think their children can only make friends and socialize in traditional schools.

This is completely wrong; they have the ability to make friends just not in the traditional way. Home-schooling is flexible and the students have a lot of freedom, they can socialize whenever they want depending on how the days are scheduled, they can have playdates with other children that are home-schooled they can go for field trips whenever they want.So, no this is incorrect.

At Caplora, we organize trips and events where our students can interact and get to socialize and learn together. Some of the events also include the parents, this also strengthens the parents’ decision to have joined our community since they see first hand how or students interact with each other and they also get to interact with other parents.

  • Home schoolers are stuck indoors all day:

As said before home-schooling provides the children and the parents freedom to learn on their own terms. Classrooms can be had outside or wherever works best for them. There are also co-ops and programs that are available to home schoolers. They offer a variety of activities and subjects that every child can participate in and enjoy and make learning fun.

So, this is wrong home-schooling is less monotonous than traditional schooling.

For instance, Caplora has days where students meet for learning purposes only. We have a Learning pods where our students can once a week meet to learn, mostly for practical subjects like sciences, coding, robotics and gaming.

  • Homeschoolers are all naturally intelligent:

This is far the truth. Any child can be home-schooled, whether intelligent or if they need more help in grasping content. In fact, home schooling focuses on a small group of students at a time. Meaning, each child gets special attention at all times. It is easier to navigate smaller groups as a teacher than a large group since it is harder to know the needs of each student.

At Caplora, our classes have not more than 20 students. This makes it easy to know which students in each class needs more help than the other, and helps the students that are slow to get assistance. We also provide extra classes and tutoring for students that feel they may need them.

  • Homeschooling is only for religious or faith based families: Homeschools have the most diverse ethnic and religious students. For instance, online homeschools like Caplora only require students to have either a laptop, computer or tablet and good internet connection. This means that anyone around the world can join Caplora regardless of where they are from or their religious beliefs.

In conclusion, there are a lot of misconceptions on children who are home schooled and home schooling in general. It is important to do a rigorous background check in the school you want to enrol your child(ren) and ask as many questions that you feel have been making you doubt trying to home school them. At Caplora, we ensure that every parent feels comfortable before enrolling and even after they entrust their child(ren) to us.

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