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Legal Standing While homeschooling is gaining popularity in Uganda, it is not explicitly defined in the current legislation. According to National Objective XVIII in the Uganda Constitution (1995), education is compulsory. The term “education” in both the constitution and the Education Act is generally interpreted to refer to school attendance. Nevertheless, the constitution explicitly upholds parents’ rights to guide the upbringing and education of their children. Article 31(4) asserts, “It is the right and duty of parents to care for and bring up their children,” and Article 34(2) emphasizes that “A child is entitled to basic education, which shall be the responsibility of the State and the parents of the child.”

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Why online IGCSE Homeschooling in Uganda

The world we live in has been growing at a fast pace. We have slowly yet gradually seen changes in how teaching and learning are being conducted. During the pandemic, the world had to come to a stand still and learning institutions had to find other ways to continue teaching and allow students to learn from the comfort of their homes. Online learning in Uganda  became known widely then but it has always been a practice that has been growing even before the pandemic and even when the world opened up, some students actually preferred to continue with online schooling. Giving learners and their parents access to high quality programs and qualifications wherever and however they choose to study should be a priority. Read more on how Cambridge IGCSE support  online students   here

Why Caplora Online homeschool

 Uganda  homeschooling has grown after covid -pandemic, with many local and international families who live in this East African country favouring it as their educational option of choice due to affordability and convenience  fees  

As a registered online school in Kenya , Caplora currently provides homeschooling services to students in over  4 East African Countries.

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