Experience As A Year 12 At Caplora STEM International School.

My name is Nuru Gitau, and I am a year 12 student at Caplora school. I joined Caplora in September of 2022, and from the time I joined I was immediately immersed into a collaborative learning environment. I do three subjects; English, History, Sociology and my teachers are always available for questions (within reasonable times of course). This makes studying easier, when I am stuck on a question all I need to do is call or text my teacher and I will receive a response within 20 minutes. I have learnt a variety of soft skills like responsibility, the teachers are not with me so there is no way for them to make sure I take notes or study. It is up to make me to make sure my notes are organised which is very liberating. My classes end at 12:10pm which gives me ample time to do all my hobbies and do past papers or homework all within a day!

Day In the Life of a Year 12 Student 

My lessons start at 8:00am. I write notes before the lesson starts so I can listen to what my teacher is saying rather than writing, using this method has greatly helped with my memory retention. After every lesson I find past papers that have questions similar to the topic I was learning, I find learning through questions more effective than just writing notes because it exposes you to several ways the questions may be asked. I also get further information from websites like Britannica, Wikipedia and Quizlet to add to my notes which fleshes out the points I make in exam questions and gives me a deeper understanding of what I am learning. Doing all this can be extremely stressful and time consuming but it’s all worth it when I do my exams

About me  

After I am done with schoolwork, I like to take some time to myself. I love literature, at the moment I am reading Notes from the Underground by the great Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Candid by a French writer called Voltaire. The latter being my favourite book so far. I am a sociology student and my love for the subject transcends school, I love reading books like Industrial Society and Its Future which gives explanations on the leftist movement and the future of the Industrial society. I also love skateboarding and playing video games on my laptop.

Plans after A levels

I plan on going to law school, at Strathmore University, as it is my dream to peruse a career in law. I am not yet certain on the specific field of law I want to practise but I have my sights on either corporate law or International Law. I am also on opening a gift shop with mother called Groovy Gifts, selling a variety of products for people of all ages. Finding the perfect thing to gift a friend or family member can be tedious, we plan alleviating the hassle of the gift selection process. Thank you for taking the time off of your day to learn a bit about me.