FAQ about homeschooling

  1. What is homeschooling?

This is the educating of students at the comfort of their home by either their parents, tutors or an online homeschooling platform like Caplora School. It is important to note that the parents are actively involved in their children’s academics.

.  2. Is homeschooling legal?

According to the Basic Education Act of 2013, alternative forms of education are encouraged. Homeschooling being an alternative form of education is not discouraged or criminalized. So yes, homeschooling is legal.

  1. What curriculum is covered?

The parents pick the curriculum that best suits their child’s needs. One can choose the existing curriculum used in their home countries or opt of an internationally recognized curriculum such as the British Cambridge curriculum (Cambridge or Pearson) or American curriculum. One can pick more than one option and go for a blended option.

  1. How to switch to another curriculum

Freedom is one of the many gifts that come with homeschooling. One can choose a curriculum that works best for their child’s needs but once you’ve been using one curriculum and it doesn’t seem to work you can pivot to something else. The most important thing to do is to research other options and get feedback from other users. Do not shy away from mixing and matching various programs and resources.

  1. How does it work?

There is a private school approach which uses a curriculum that is superior to that of a public school and it uses an online platform. The student can pick the classes they want and attend classes online. This is the approach Caplora school takes. It has a structured  program using the British curriculum.

There is also a tutor approach where a parent hires a tutor who teaches the student either physically at home or online. The one tutor teaches more than two subjects. The parent has to buy the textbooks and resources needed.

The parent can also teach the student on their own. They will need to pick a program that is self paced, meets the students needs and the parent will have to buy the resources needed and create a timetable and lesson plans to ensure continuity in learning.

  1. How much does it cost?

Caplora fees ranges between 50,000-70,000 per term.Most tutors  are paid between  ksh 1,000-ksh 3,000 per lesson.

  1. Exits? Transition.

The students who are home schooled sit IGCSE /A level OR KCSE exams  as private students,they can go ahead and apply University locally or globally.