Examinations are a very crucial part of a learning process. They enable us to evaluate the level of understanding of the students and to differentiate students’ abilities as individuals. Exams help build confidence in students by helping them know how good they are at a subject. When a student gets good grades, it boosts their confidence. Exams also improve learning and trigger brain exercise. 

Learning is a process of continuously gathering information over a period of time. As we do this we over time become better readers, researchers amongst other things. As we improve our learning through exams, we also trigger brain exercise by tapping into the memory database for knowledge, questions and answers that we have accumulated during the learning process.

As we have seen the importance of examinations, it is also equally important to pass them. Passing exams is not a miracle. There has to be preparation for it to happen. Like we said, learning is a process and for any process to be understood, it must be repeated over and over. In this case, revision plays a very important role in passing exams. Attending classes is not enough, this must be followed by thorough revision of what was taught in class. 

A good revision plan plays an important role in passing exams. Every student should have a revision timetable and allocate time to every subject that will be examined, giving more time to subjects that need more understanding of the subject matter. The more you revise, the more your chances of passing the exams. IGCSE and A-Level Revision should be done weekly at least three months before sitting for the exam. It is even better to start from the first term of the final year as to avoid having to revise everything all at once when the exams approach.

IGCSE and A-Level examinations are rigorous in nature. This is because of the globally acknowledged curriculum. It is therefore important for students to clearly understand their learning styles because people are different and have different ways of grasping things. From visual, auditory, logic, reading and writing styles of learning, different students understand concepts in different ways. Once you know what works for you, studying for the exams and passing will come naturally. If the method(s) used in school is not compatible with how you understand things, then tutoring can come in handy. Not every student is capable of attending classes, revise on their own and pass exams. Tutoring is basically extra classes that are guided by a tutor to help the student have better understanding of the things they did not grasp the first time they were taught. If a parent observes that the child despite attending classes and revising is not doing well tutoring is advised.

Another way students are encouraged to pass their exams is by taking notes in class. Note taking helps the student shorten the coursework into smaller segments that they understand. This will help the students’ revising time easier and efficient since they will be reading something that has already been broken down into understandable text. Examinations over the years have been a repetitive process. As the exams are set, some of the questions appear severally over the years. Going through previous IGCSE and A-Level examination papers will enable the student familiarize with how exam questions are set and the topics that are mostly examined. This is a very efficient method of revision and it also eliminates panic in students after they see how IGCSE and A-Level exams are set.

Lastly, passing IGCSE and A-Level is a mindset. Anything we think is hard will be exactly that. Students should stop using that to describe exams. Exams, especially IGCSE exams, can be challenging but if prepared for strategically, they are not impossible to pass. Anything is possible if we put our minds to it and if we prepare well. At Caplora STEM International School, we prepare students for exams extensively. Our students do not only attend classes but also have access to extra classes and tutoring.

 Our teachers are devoted to ensure our students are all at par when it comes to excelling. Each and every of our students has access to extra classes and one on one tutoring if they themselves or the parent feels it is needed. In addition to that, Caplora offers revision classes for IGCSE Mathematics, IGCSE English, IGCSE Business Studies and anyone can book an appointment with us. Let us help you on your path to success by preparing you to pass your IGCSE exams.