A good and positive teacher-parent relationship can really impact how a child performs in their studies. Teachers and parents both provide a support system for the student to succeed. When parents and teachers are able to communicate and work effectively together, it can drastically impact each student.


When parents and teachers communicate and work together effectively, it can significantly impact each student’s long-term success and overall enjoyment of school.


Positive connections between parents and teachers have been shown to improve children’s academic achievement, social competencies and emotional well-being. When parents and teachers work as partners, children do better in school and at home.


If there is no flowing communication between parents and teachers the child’s learning could be compromised. It is important that you let your child know you trust their teacher.


Parents and teachers need to be like a team, working together to help the child do their best in school and in life. When they communicate and work together, they can figure out the best ways to support the child. This helps them make sure the child is getting the right kind of help and challenges both at home and in the classroom.


They need a positive relationship to solve problems, the child might be finding a subject tough or may just be going through a rough time, the parents and teachers can work together to solve the problem, they might come up with ways to make learning more fun or find ways to help the child feel better about whatever is bothering them.


Both parents and teachers want to see the child grow and succeed. When they’re on the same page, they can help them set goals and work toward them. They’ll encourage them to do their best.


When parents and teachers show respect and teamwork, it sets a positive example for the children. It makes the school feel like a friendly and safe place, where everyone is working together to learn and everybody is having a good and productive time.


A positive relationship between parents and teachers means they are comfortable talking to each other. They can share news about their progress, talk about any concerns, and work together to support the learning journey.


How to build a strong and positive relationship between a parent and a teacher…

Here are a few ways:


  • Parents and teachers should occasionally meet to discuss the child, the parents can inform the teachers on what their expectations are, the type of child they are and what the child struggles with. This gives the teacher an idea of how to go about teaching and helping the child, and teachers can express what they need from the parents and how the parents can support the child at home. The teachers can share updates about what’s happening in the classroom or upcoming events and the child’s progress.


  • Teachers involve the parents in general planning for their child’s inclusion.


  • Parents also need to understand it is not only the teachers that help their child, they also play an important role on how their child does in school, for instance, creating a positive and conducive learning environment at home.


  • Sometimes parents can volunteer at the school, helping out with events, projects, or activities. This can create a stronger sense of community and partnership.


  • Teachers and parents should communicate regularly. Teachers can share updates about what’s happening in the classroom, upcoming events, and your progress. Parents can also share any concerns, questions, or insights they have about learning and well-being of their child.


  • Both parents and teachers can give each other feedback, sharing what’s going well and what could be improved helps build a strong working relationship.


At Caplora STEM International School, we value our parents’ input towards the school and any concerns or ideas they may have. We always urge our parents to be vocal about any issues or concerns they may have regarding the teachers or even the school. This is because, fostering a good relationship with our parents is what will make us know how to deal with issues that we currently face or that may arise, and help the school grow in the long run. It is also important for us to give our parents a channel to voice their concerns as it also makes them feel heard, understood and also an important part of our community.