How to homeschool In Tanzania

How to homeschool in Tanzania.

homeschooling in tanzania

       Homeschooling has become a popular choice for parents all around the world lately and Tanzania is no exception. Unlike regular schools, homeschooling can help all students with their preferred learning styles while also providing efficient scheduling. This makes it a good choice for parents who want their children to have a healthy balance between school and life. In addition to that, homeschooling costs far less than regular schools which have additional costs like transport and food.

This guide will help parents who live in Tanzania or are planning to move to Tanzania to know everything they have to know about Homeschooling In Tanzania.

Understanding Homeschooling in Tanzania

Legal framework
  In Tanzania, all children between the ages of 7 to 15 years old must be enrolled in recognized educational institutions. It allows other other methods of education provided they meet approval from authorities. The National Education Policy has quality standards that must be met for recognition.
  The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology oversees all the activities of schools in
Tanzania, this includes other alternative learning methods like homeschooling. If the homeschooling institution plans to use the Cambridge system, It must be approved by local education authorities and will have inspections to ensure that it complies with the education standards. In addition to that the Cambridge homeschool must be comparable to the local system schools and must have all essential subjects like Math, English, and Science.

 Why Homeschooling?

       Parents may be hesitant when it comes to switching their children’s learning styles and this is understandable. Many parents do not let their children do homeschooling as they do not know how beneficial it could be for them.
    Homeschooling is special as it provides every student with their academic needs by following the child’s preferred style of learning while balancing it with proper teaching methods. This means that if the child likes to learn in a way that is not very effective, the teacher will mix it with their teaching methods to have a mix of both sides. The bond between the teacher and the student strengthens which motivates the child to try their best in their studies.

    It is also good for children with special needs. Homeschooling can help by getting a teacher who can handle special needs children without any problems and make sure that they are loved and cared for. Homeschooling will be much better for special needs children because it will not be a place of discrimination but where everyone loves each other and will help each other the whole way through.
      In addition, Homeschooling teachers show respect for all religions and cultures and will not force a student to do anything against their faith or culture. It is a common problem in many physical schools all around the world because students are too scared of reporting it. Homeschooling fixes that issue by making reports anonymous to the classmates and the teacher. A teacher who discriminates against or disrespects other religions and cultures will be quickly punished and replaced. School should be a place where everyone is accepted and treated equally. 

     Homeschooling is also beneficial for parents. They do not need to worry too much about the safety of the child and in case of an emergency, they can be assisted quickly. This makes it easier for parents and will reduce stress drastically.  

Getting Started With Homeschooling

Planning The Homeschooling Journey 

     Before choosing Homeschooling, some things must be considered. Does the child have all the necessary school materials? They will need things like a simple laptop, books, and the Internet. If you are not sure about what they will need then contact a local homeschooling center for assistance. After that, the child and the parents must agree on which curriculum to learn in. They can choose the Tanzanian national curriculum for standard benchmarks or Cambridge, whichever you prefer.

Challenges And Their Solutions

Switching to homeschooling may bring challenges for both parents and students but this guide will help to solve these common homeschooling issues. 

   The lack of social interaction:

Homeschooling will lead to the child not being able to interact as much. This is a problem that many homeschooling students face and this makes them unable to make friends as much and they will not be able to develop their interpersonal skills. To solve this issue, consider getting the child to join a club or they can interact with people in the local community. 


This is a parent’s main concern because the student would be learning using a device. Students may get distracted without the teacher or parents knowing. This is an issue that can be discovered and solved by the teacher. Teachers will record attendance and check if the student is actively participating in class activities and if they respond in class when asked a question. Parents can also help by adding applications that record the child’s daily activities or setting free time for the child to rest after classes.

     Limited access to resources: 

Some may not have access to all the technological requirements or materials to be able to join homeschooling. Tanzania has many homeschooling institutions that will be willing to assist the students and make sure they can get a proper education.

     Student Motivation Problems:

The students can lose motivation and it would only be seen in the student’s performance. Homeschooling teacher’s solution for this is giving rewards for achievement and also for making an effort. This will spark a feeling of competition or interest in school and will boost student performance.


Those are all the things a parent needs to know before enrolling their children in homeschooling. A homeschooling program in Tanzania is within the country’s legal framework as long as parents follow the steps carefully. Changing to homeschooling is a big decision that requires careful consideration from parents and the child. Fully understanding the legal requirements, challenges, and the child’s goals will help with fitting into the homeschooling system.
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